Watermelon Snow Cone Syrup 32 oz. Bottle

Immerse yourself in the refreshing taste of summer with Lucy's Watermelon Snow Cone Syrup. This delightful syrup captures the crisp, sweet flavor of fresh watermelon. This watermelon syrup offers a refreshing flavor that'll make your taste buds dance.


Lucy's Watermelon Snow Cone Syrup is a versatile powerhouse in your kitchen. While it's perfect for enhancing your snow cones, its potential doesn't stop there. Use it to add a burst of summer to your beverages, from smoothies to cocktails and mocktails. Or pour it over desserts to give them a fresh, fruity twist.


Every taste of this watermelon syrup is like sinking your teeth into a freshly cut watermelon on a hot summer day. It's the perfect choice for refreshing your palate on warm days, or anytime you're craving a taste of summer.

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