What does Juice From Concentrate mean? 

"Juice From Concentrate" is a phrase used to describe the process in which juice is extracted from a fruit. The juice within fruit contains an extremely high percentage of water, which evaporates to leave a thick syrupy substance called concentrate. This process allows for larger quantities of juice to be shipped to facilities where it is then reconstituted with purified water back to its natural level.

What is your White Distilled Vinegar derived from?

Our White Distilled Vinegar is made from corn.

Where Can I purchase your products?

Many of our products can be purchased in Los Angeles from local shops & street markets. Our complete product line is also available on Amazon.

Can I buy direct from Lucy’s? 

If you are a business, please contact us. If you are an individual customer, you can purchase directly from our Amazon store.

Can Lucy’s Lemon Juice be used to clean? 

Yes! We’ve received great feedback from our customers about all the ways Lucy’s Lemon Juice has been used as a cleaning agent. To learn more, check out our reviews Amazon.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten-free.

Something is wrong with my Amazon order. What should I do?

Nearly all of our Amazon orders have been delivered safely & timely. Unfortunately, sometimes a package is mishandled or delayed in transit. If your product arrives damaged or late, please contact Amazon Customer Service for a refund or exchange according to their return policy. 

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